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The Multicultural Forum is an unincorporated charity; an “umbrella” organisation that represents all the black and minority ethnic community groups and organisations that have organised themselves with constitutions, missions and visions. Research and first hand front line experience has defined its vision for growth and infrastructure support and the BMF are ready to support the BME communities with infrastructure support, development work and capacity building. The BMF have also built strong relationships with many other service providers and agencies, assisting them to access the minority communities so that they can understand their needs and be appropriately responsive.

With a large membership which currently includes 27 BME community organizations, the BMF have been successful in engaging individuals and groups in awareness raising and celebrations through events and consultations.We have built a good reputation amongst the BME communities and we have the full market share in them looking to us for support.

There is recognition in the vital role played by the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in delivering high quality public services and in contributing to civic renewal. Additionally, the recognition of the need for specialist ISO's to address inequalities. The Multicultural Forum are best placed to build the capacity and facilitate the engagement of the BME communities we serve and will work to ensure the infrastructure becomes robust and fit for purpose and serve the communities through collaborative partnership and needs based appropriate service provision.

Come and discuss the projects we are involved in, we would love to hear from you.

If your organization or community are interested in promoting the above and can offer some assistance in taking these objectives further or would just like to find out more about the forum please contact us.